Butterfly Twists - Sparkly Shoes

I recently won my first ever Twitter competition/giveaway and I felt like my luck was in! The wonderful Holly from Holly Arabella held a competition in conjunction with a shoe brand I'd never before heard of, but am thrilled to now have bookmarked in my 'Things I Want' folder on my MacBook, Butterfly Twists. My prize was to pick a pair of shoes from their website and sit back and wait for them to arrive. They landed on number Mrs number 24's doorstep while we were out but I came home and sank my feet into a truly beautiful shoe creation.

Butterfly Twists are the kind of shoes a girl needs at the end of a good night out when her heels are rubbing, her feet are aching and her toes want to be able to breathe again. There's nothing better than kicking off a pair of heels and putting your painful feet into fluffy shoes of joy, i.e. slippers. Butterfly Twists are not slippers, far from it, they're gorgeous ballerina flats that fold up to fit inside your handbag so that you can whip them out on the way home and save your feet from the pain of heels at the end of the night. I was amazed at how comfortable these are, they're so cushioned and soft and don't rub like most new shoes do. I opted for a size LL which is a UK 8-9 and while I have 7-8 sized feet these fit like a dream. The sparkles on the toes underneath the bows retain that bit of glamour that comes with every outfit for a night out, and the soft satiny feel of the material of the shoe moulds perfectly to my feet (as you can tell from above I have quite wide feet, but these fit perfectly!).

I'm really impressed with Butterfly Twists, and I absolutely love my new shoes! I already have my eye on a few more styles, and while these are a brilliant idea for a night out I just think that shoes that fold up inside themselves are perfect for people who travel a lot, or don't have a lot of wardrobe space to store things. They even have boots that fold up inside themselves and look like they're in a bag, genius!

Butterfly twists are reasonably priced, £50-40 for a pair of boots and £20-30 for ballerina flats, with lots of styles and the promise of extreme comfort and practicality I think there's something to suit all tastes and outfits!

Have you heard of Butterfly Twists?
Would you take spare shoes with you on a night out or 'man up' and wear your heels home?


  1. This is SUCH a nice style! Love these shoes, they are so handy in so many circumstances x

    1. They're adorable aren't they! I'm going to ask for some more for my birthday :) xx


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