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If there's one thing I have learned in a big way over the last week is that I am the sole owner of my 'happiness'. There's no need to hang by the phone, waiting for that text or call to send you into euphoria, you shouldn't have to rely on others who remain indifferent to you to put a smile on your face. Find something that you love and do it, you take control and feed your own pot of happiness until you're satisfied. If ever a personal wake up call was needed then this week has been it for me. I shouldn't have to wait around for things to happen, I shouldn't have to feel left behind and forgotten about. I shouldn't, and neither should you.

So here's 5 things to help you steer in the direction of happiness this weekend:

  1. Go for a walk. Yes, I know it's cold, but it doesn't have to be far and make sure you wrap up warm. Walking is good for clearing the brain. 
  2. Read a book. People don't read enough these days. Find a genre you're interested in and really just sit down and escape. 
  3. Paint your nails. I love nothing more than applying a fabulous new colour to brighten up my fingertips - remember to apply a good strong topcoat to avoid chipping!
  4. Eat something naughty. Whatever you find naughty, be it chocolate, ice cream, cake, bread, pizza etc just have a little bit of what you fancy and feel good about it!
  5. Make your bed. I know it sounds odd but making your bed and having a tidy living space really does relieve tension and horribleness on the brain. I find that a tidy room = a tidy mind and that makes me happy. 
What makes you happy? 

Have a fabulous weekend <3 

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