Sleek 'Glossed' lipglosses

I seem to have developed an obsession with lip products of late. I honestly think that I need help now. I never ever used to wear lip products, lipstick scared me, lip gloss was something that you hair got caught up in, and the thought of putting bright pops of colour on my face made me nervous. It's taken me almost 6 years (I first started wearing makeup when I 16!) to fall in love with lip products, and by gum I've fallen hard.I honestly, just can't get enough, and have a great many products on my 'lip wish list' perhaps I should share it with you soon?

Next in my little series of lip product reviews are these two little beauties I picked up from Sleek Makeup (found in Superdrug) not too long ago. They're very affordable at £3.99 each, and I was lucky enough to purchase them as part of Superdrug's recent 3 for 2 offer...making one of them free!

I picked out two pinks, one bright fuschia (Pixie), one more baby pink/nude (Whisper). I was a little bit afraid that the baby pink gloss would make me look a bit washed out in the face, but a quick dab of bronzer here and there sorted me right out!

I like the packaging of these glosses...it's, well, sleek! (haha, points if you laughed!) The tube allows you to see the exact colour you're getting, and how much is product is left, and the wand is like a soft mini brush, very flexible, and able to coat the whole of your lips (especially good for getting into the corners of your mouth, some wands don't let you do that!).

The colour pay off from these products is amazing, they're super pigmented and sit just lovely on the lips. The gloss isn't too sticky either (something I hate as I have long hair!) and the shine is just perfect as you can tell from the pictures!

For an incredibly affordable product, and as a quick boost of colour to your day I cannot recommend Sleek's Glossed lip glosses enough. They have a further six colours in the range, from vibrant red, to orange and even a clear gloss and you can find more information about them here on Sleek's website.

What's your favourite lip product? Are you a gloss or a lipstick (or both!) kind of gal?
Any that you can recommend that I can try out?

I'm just off to put on my face for the day...which colour shall I choose, hmmm...


  1. These are super pretty, I really like Pixie :)

  2. I'm most definitely a lipstick girl. I tend to go for very creamy moisturizing lipsticks as i have very dry lips. These lipglosses look so pretty though, especially the lighter pink one. xx

  3. love these colours so pretty :D

  4. oh, how pretty!! I haven't see these around yet... like the packaging too! xx

  5. I haven't seen these in shops yet! These look amazing though, such pretty colours :) xxx

  6. Oh wow, these looks really good! Perhaps a little *too* glossy for me to wear but I love how pigmented the colours are, they look nice on you x


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