By Terry Baume De Rose

By Terry's Baume De Rose is by far the most extravagant item in my makeup and skincare stash that I own, a beautiful £35 lip balm. I'm almost afraid to use it for fear of it running out and me being too broke to part with the money to replace it. Joseph's Aunt kindly gifted this to me for my birthday this year and it's sat pride of place on my makeup drawers, in its gorgeous frosted glass packaging looking expensive and exquisite.  I know that this lip balm is a firm favourite with many of my favourite bloggers and youtubers, and not least Joseph's Aunt who raved about it so much to me that I couldn't wait to try it out for myself.

Due to the fact that the product is in a pot I like to apply this with a lip brush (which is fancy in itself, I mean who applies lip balm with a lip brush?!) and it glides on like a dream. The formula leans more to a creamy gel than a standalone cream or a vaseline type of balm which again makes the Baume De Rose feel incredibly luxurious.

I don't find the rose scent all that overwhelming like I thought I was going to (I'm more of a sweet than floral kind of girl) and find that it adds to the overall pleasure of using this balm. It's incredibly nourishing on the lips, has great staying power and at the rate this pot is going it will be lasting me for a very long time indeed.

I'm a firm believer in thinking that you get what you pay for, and with By Terry's Baume De Rose this is no exception. If you're ever in Space NK, go and try this out, it's hyped for a reason and I absolutely love it!

What's your favourite lip balm?


  1. Ooo I nearly purchased this the other day but refrained. Definitely need to try it one day, sticking it on the Christmas list for sure! xx

  2. I love this balm! I use it every night before bed, and I've still got a fair bit left :) xx

  3. Ouch what a price tag! It does sound absolutely beautiful though :) xx

  4. Such a luxurious product but so worth it! I don't own this but I've tried this before and it's amazing! I heard Dior's Creme De Rose is fabulous as well! xxx



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