Little 'Drugstore' Haul

Here are a few bits and bobs I've recently picked up in Boots, Superdrug and TKMaxx. I've had an overwhelming response of 'we like to see hauls' from lots of you commenting on my giveaway post so here's haul number one for you...! It's quite evident here that I'm a sucker for a new release, what with all but the Macadamia leave in conditioner being quite new on the beauty radar.

My trip to Superdrug gave me the opportunity to acquire the new Real Techniques blending sponge. I'm yet to use it, but I already wish they came in different colours... I've heard great things about this and seeing as I did not give in to the 'beauty blender' hype I'm rather looking forward to putting on my foundation with this in the morning.
Talking of foundation, and what goes underneath it, I picked up the new Bourjois Happy Light primer. Having already got incredibly dry skin I definitely did not want to go for the matte version of this primer but I think that it's great that there's an option for you if you're more on the oily side. I'm yet to see a Bourjois release this year that I haven't loved so I have high hopes for this!
I also espied the new Collection products that have been endorsed by Little Mix, with each member of the band having a selection of products in their 'collection', so to speak, to create a look that's most akin to them. I wasn't too bowled over by any of the products apart from a black eyeliner with a hint of silver sparkle, right up my street and again I can't wait to use this in the morning.
Finally, here's another of those 'whim' purchases, where Superdrug like to put new releases right by the till so you end up spending more than you'd like to. I'm not the biggest fan of Vaseline for it's actual power to do anything to perk up my lips but I seem to like collecting their new editions, and Paint the Town was no exception. It looks pigmented in the tin, but let's wait for my review of that one, eh?

My one trip to Boots saw me indulge in a foundation and powder that I really did not need to buy but wanted to buy anyway. L'Oreal have a clever way of putting 'magique' on packaging and making me think that it's going to be some kind of wonder product. I've worn these two together once thus far and I'm not completely in love, I definitely prefer the BB powder to the foundation but I'll give these a little more time and pop up a review in the near future.

Finally, TKMaxx opened up a new store in Yeovil very recently and I popped over with a friend (hello Courtney!) to have a look at how good the skincare and beauty area is in comparison to other TKMaxx's I've been to. Yeovil wasn't too shabby, a good selection of products with lots of brands I recognise to I'll definitely be going back in in the future. I've heard lots about the Macademaia hair brand and decided to try it out by purchasing their leave in conditioner at over half price, I'm excited to use this!

So that was my little 'drugstore' haul for your delectation. I have a 'high-end' haul coming very soon, watch this space...

Are you after any of these products?


  1. Looking forward to a review on the BB powder... hint hint :)

    Charlotte - blotandreapply.com x

  2. I really need to try out the vaseline. I love the idea of a flush of red


  3. Great purchases, i really want to try the macadamia conditioner (:


  4. I love TKMaxx for beauty bargains! xx

  5. I love popping into TKMaxx on the hunt for Beauty buys. They have so many bargains and some products for America which I thought I could not buy in the UK.


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