My First Ever 'Back To MAC'!

It's been a long time coming (approximately 2.5 years!) but I've finally managed to collect enough empty products for a back to MAC lipstick treat!

Brush Cleanser 
As you can see from the fact that I've used up two bottles of this brush cleanser, I love it. It lathers well and gives my brushes that lovely deep clean I'm after on a Sunday afternoon. I'm forever repurchasing this, there's another one in my bathroom at the moment.

Prep + Prime Face Primer
I really loved this face primer, it was so lovely to use. Mac say this is 'an ultra-fluid lotion formulated with special-effect silicones. Calms and soothes the skin, blots away excess oil, and evens out skin redness. Improves the laydown and application of foundation or powder.' I agree entirely and couldn't have said it better myself. This is one of those products that I would repurchase had I not got three other primers in my stash already!

Studio Fix Powder in Light
I've literally had this for the longest time, it was my first ever MAC purchase and my first empty MAC packaging. I liked this pressed powder but found it hard to remove it from the pan...I think it's because this was on of my first higher end purchases that I started off my make-up stash with and I didn't have any of the tools of the trade (ahem, my Real Techniques powder brush) to make application smooth and lovely. I wouldn't repurchase this powder because I'm eager to try the MSF in light next.

Matchmaster Foundation
I was really sad that I did not like this foundation at all. J bought it for me for my 21st birthday and I could not get on with it, it clung to any dry skin patches I had on my face (mostly my nose, yuck) felt really heavy on my skin and wasn't really easy to apply as it left me looking streaky and unbalanced. It's the one and only MAC foundation I've tried thus far as I'm a tad bit wary that they'll all look like this one did on my skin and to that end I haven't found myself reaching for wanting to try any others :( The one plus point I have was that the colour was a great match for my skin!

Mineralize Charged Water Gel Moisturiser
This was one of those products that the MUA in MAC told me I absolutely needed in my life because I have dry skin. It's a moisturiser made up of a gel-cream like consistency that instantly hydrates and leaves the skin looking 'charged' with moisture. I liked this a lot, the texture of the product itself was an interesting one as I'd not tried more gel based moisturisers before. I especially liked the packaging on this tub because it had tiny flecks of glitter in it! I won't be repurchasing this however because I've found a moisturiser I love even more from Origins.

So...those were the products that I've used up, now comes the important question of what lipstick to choose? I don't have that many MAC lipsticks (Creme Cup, Sunny Seoul, Pink Pearl Pop, Viva Glam Nicki I, and Viva Glam Nicki II) so I'm definitely open to suggestions if anyone has any favourites?
I quite like the look of Snob, Sweetie, Kinda Sexy, Shy Girl and Creme In Your Coffee but I just don't know!

What's your favourite MAC lipstick? Help me!


  1. I love Girl about Town, Up the Amp and Saint Germain! I have a blog posts of each I think if you wanna look at swatches! I'm not far off a Back to MAC collection either!!

  2. I'm currently saving up for my first back to mac too! I love the look of snob, it looks so pretty! I think I'm going to get Lady Danger though, go out my comfort zone a bit :)

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic

  3. Well done you. I think it would take me years to build up that collection of empties too. I like the look of creme in your coffee :)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  4. I love Creme Cup but you already own that. Ladybug is another winner - a really sheer warm-toned red that's a great way to ease yourself into wearing a red lip. I also really want Chatterbox and eye it up every time I go into MAC! x

  5. Yay, well done for so many empties, haha :) I think you'd like Shy girl! xx

  6. Well done! I'm liking 'flat out fabulous' at the moment from the retro matte collection ^^ xxx

  7. I love Mac's Faux lipstick, a really nice natural/nude pink colour! I have a primer from Mac and love using it!


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