Wishlist // October

I was recently gifted a little sum of money by my Grandad in his will, which came as a total surprise to me. His one request was that it was to be spent on something frivolous, something not serious and of course fun. So far I've spent £20 of it in the amusements down on Weymouth beach where I won a plastic pony...and I've done a little bit of shopping for my upcoming trip to Amsterdam, haul(s) to follow. But now it's October and it's a new month of wishing, wishing and wanting...!

1 - Since I now rent my own home I'm becoming more of an adventurous baker, and often look to the Internet for inspiration for 'Bake Saturday' as I like to call it. I miss having lots of cookbooks around as my Mum used to have in our house so this Hummingbird Bakery cookbook would be an excellent addition to my kitchen worktop. I may even share some creations soon...yum!

2 - It's been a while since I purchased anything from MAC and top of my list is a MSF in Light Plus. I have the famous Soft and Gentle MSF that I love to use as a highlighter and want something in the way of a more natural powder for all over my face. I've not tried a natural MSF before and having just hit pan on my current face powder I may have to splash out on this one.

3 - As you may know I am a complete Disney fanatic and am building up quite a collection of their classic animated DVDs. The Little Mermaid has just recently been re-released on DVD and I am eager to add it to my collection.

4 - I saw Laura post a little review of the Origins Clear Improvement Mask in her top 6 picks from Origins and she made me fall in love with it. After much research on the Origins website I convinced myself to pick up the smaller £10 version in the very near future and see how I get on.

5 - Again, another #bblogger inspired purchase, this time Kate was talking on one of her latest videos about her love of Origins GinZing and I saw that they had a moisturiser and got a little bit excited. I'll definitely be picking this up in the near future too!

6 - Finally, as the weather turns chillier I'll be on the lookout for some cosy knits to snuggle up in. Topshop always have a lovely selection a cardigans and jumpers and I just adore the bunny on this one.  Très mignon!

What are you wishing for this month?
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  1. Great Wish list there!

    I love The Little Mermaid! I wanted it on DVD for so long and they finally released it in time for my 21st birthday! I was so happy!

    I'm looking to buy some Origins skincare so will definitely check out that link with the favourites, the 2 you have suggested sound great!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  2. I have the Origins Active Charcoal Mask and it's brilliant! I've been using it daily recently after a horrible breakout and it has really cleared up my skin.

    Emma's Treasures

    Emma xo

  3. Love the jumper! I can't wait to start buying loads of them as the weather gets increasingly cold :)


  4. I have both origins products I love them both! My skin would not be the same without them x


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