It's The Little Things That Make You Smile

I don't know if you've noticed from my constant moaning on Twitter over the past seven days, but this last week has been extremely hard for me on account of my wisdom teeth. My entire lower jaw decided to swell slightly, I've not had a full night's sleep (anything over 8 hrs) for a week and all in all I've lost 7lbs through lack of being able to open my mouth to enjoy food. I've also had to take 4 days off work thus far and still my dentist won't take my teeth out. Grim.

This aside, I wanted to share a few snaps with you of the little things that have been making me smile this week (albeit lopsidedly) whilst I've been home alone dosed up on very strong painkillers.

1. My Cath Kidston notebook is a gorgeous floral lined notebook that houses all of my blog ideas. I'm still very much into my stationary (despite not having classes to go to!) and I love writing in this.
2. My bunny slippers - a recent purchase from New Look these are so cosy and are absolutely adorable.
3. I popped out to Tesco for more juice a few days ago and came home to find that Joseph had rearranged my L-O-V-E letters. I don't know why but this tickled me.
4. Another recent purchase, this cupcakes and more recipe book from M&S was a bargain at £8. I've been loving flicking through it and drooling over the yummy pictures.

5. I've been loving wearing my graduation necklace from my Mum this week too. Working with food means that I never get to wear jewellery during the week/weekends so any time I get to put on my little Tiffany heart I jump at the chance to do so.
6. Pokemon X came out and my inner gamer girl was instantly drawn to Tesco to purchase it. I'm finding the gameplay a little odd so far because it's so different from the other Pokemon games but it's a delight to play.
7. I began a new book this week after receiving a Waterstones gift card from my Grandad. I popped into Waterstones with the idea of spending a good chunk of the money on the card and only came out with this!
8. I finally rescued one of my beautiful Disney post cards that had fallen off the wall and replaced it. Every time I've been to Disney World I always buy a postcard or two. The painted ones are just so beautiful and I love this one of Walt standing where the castle would be. It's just so sad that he never got to see Disney World finished as he died before it was completed.

It's the little things that make you smile <3


  1. I've gotten the new Pokemon game too! I've really been enjoying the changes they've made x

    1. Are you loving it? Do you have X or Y?

  2. That necklace is beautiful :) I got a similar one from my mum on my 18th birthday! xx

  3. That necklace is sooo pretty! Love your blog :)

    Jade xx


  4. Ah those bunny slippers are so cute! Might have to get a pair myself!


  5. love the post!
    those bunny slippers are adorable!

    Laura xxx

  6. Those bunny slippers look lovely! I have some cute penguin ones from Primark :)

    Amy | http://amysbeautyjournal.blogspot.co.uk/

  7. Love the slippers! And the vole sign made me laugh :)
    I love these sorts of posts, totally "me" :D


  8. oh man..wisdom teeth. thanksfully didn't have to get mine removed by my friend looked like a chipmunks for weeks when she got hers out
    A Beautiful Zen

  9. Aww well hope it all gets better soon chick...and LOVE the slippers proper cute like :D



  10. Wisdom teeth are nasty! The Cath Kidston notebook is so pretty! Your Tiffany necklace is beautiful!


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