A Guide To Prepping For Summer // Leg Edition

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As the northern hemisphere approaches the summer months I begin to think that it’s about time to start musing on how I’m going to set about getting my body ‘summer ready’. I’m not one for making drastic changes, maybe a little wash-in-wash-out hair dye to lighten my colour, a slick of gradual tan, and a change of wardrobe to welcome in the sun (if, and when we have any!). One part of my body that I’d love to start on is my legs. Having prepped and perfect pins for the summer is something I constantly long for, and removing my stubborn little leg hairs becomes the bane of my life (skin coloured tights anyone?). 

I’ve been looking at trying something new for updating my ‘leg look’ (and no I’m not talking about leaving them to grow a second coat for winter 2013/2014). I usually prefer getting my trusty Venus razor out but I thought I’d shop around the web for some other options, from budget creams to more high end procedures like laser hair removal.

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Removal Cream The main brand that springs to mind here is Veet, who offer four different types of removal creams - in shower, spray on, standard and for the face. My understanding of Veet is that you apply the cream, wait a specified number of minutes and then simply rinse off. Sounds good to me and I'll be definitely picking up one of these to try out in the near future. 

Shaving I could stick with my preferred method of hair removal at the moment, using my trusty Gilette Venus razor. There are other razors available on the market of course but in my opinion no-one shaves better than a Venus. Simple and easy enough, shaving is great for a fast and effective hair removal, but it has a few negatives, like making sure you're careful not to cut yourself, coming to terms with the fact that replacement razor heads are extortionately priced and shaving foam can be a nightmare when you end up sliding around a bathtub. 

Waxing A step up from shaving and hair removal cream, waxing is something I've always been keen to try but haven't actually gone and done it yet. I've had my brows waxed but never my legs, or *ahem* 'other areas' done. I don't know if I'd trust myself to try waxing at home (I've read too many horror stories in the media!) so I'd love to make a trip to a salon and try it out. I have two tattoos, I could handle it, right?

Epilators If you're really brave you could try using an epilator. I've tried an epilator and it hurt so much (and I have a high pain tolerance!) that I won't be using one again. There's no doubt that it's a successful hair removal method if you can stand feeling of having multiple hairs tweezed out at a time. Not one for me, but perhaps an option for you!
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Laser Hair Removal The final method I've found, and one that I'd love to try, is laser hair removal. It's a natural progression from waxing and shaving in my opinion. One clinic I've found that offers laser hair removal across the country is Sk:n Clinic. Most reputable companies would have been based in London I would have thought, so I got excited when I found out that I could go to a local one! They explain that laser hair removal is a safe and virtually painless method of hair removal that's long lasting and can be used almost anywhere on the body. If I can pay someone to remove my leg hair in a painless, quick process I'm all for it! 

So that's my mini guide to the options for prepping your legs for the summer weather, I know that I'll be trying and testing out some hair removal cream and saving up for some laser hair removal in the future!

Do you prep for summer?
What's your preferred hair removal method of choice? 
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  1. I hate hair removal so much, shaving is just such a pain but with summer around the corner it's got to me done. Although I'd rather shave than faff around with other ways of hair removal! xo

    Hannah xo | Glitter And Sparkle

  2. Hi! My preferred hair removal method of choice is laser hair removal, and my favorite London based beauty clinic where I can experience a pleasant laser hair removal procedure is Medspa.

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