Planning My Nest (Flat) Decoration // A Next Homeware Wish List

As it stands there are t-minus 11 days before J and I receive the keys to our flat! As a result, and as a form of procrastination from writing about whether or not the National DNA Database has had any deterrent effect on crime rates, I took the liberty of browsing the Next homeware section on their website and came away rather more virtually lighter on the old bank balance. I have bought some of these things as I'll detail below, but if anyone knows of any money trees growing near by will you let me know...?

I might have mentioned that our little nest is being decorated by my own fair hand. Yesterday I rang up J to discuss my purchasing of a cream metal colander for him to reply with 'I don't mind how you decorate. Please just get bits and bobs and surprise me'. Win! So I'm having a cream/neutral house with accents of pastels in blue, mint, pink and yellow. I'm also not the kind of girl that likes dark wood so that's definitely out, and luckily all of the furniture that comes provided in the flat (I say all, and by all I mean two tables...) is a light wood which pleases me greatly. 

First on my wish list from Next is this gorgeous Kitty Heart Lace table lamp for £18. I'm in need of a new lamp for my bedside table and I fell in love with this one in the store yesterday. It'd also look fab on a table in my living room for when I want to cosy down at night with some mood lighting (oo er!) and hugging (read *hiding behind* whilst J watches a horror movie) these fabulous Blossom Woven Check cushions for £14 each, to decorate my white sofa. I'll probably rest a mug of hot choc on one of these four White Heart Coasters (£6.50 for 4, I've bought these already!) and gaze at a fab collage of pics of us and the family on the wall, this frame would be perfect (£25)

In the kitchen I'd love a chalk board and this Heart Detail Chalk Board (£12) would be perfect for writing messages on and do not forgets. Continuing the heart and cream theme I think this Kitchen Roll Holder for £8 is so cute (is that weird of me to think!?) and I wish I'd picked it up yesterday. 

In the bathroom I'll be having silver accessories, isn't this mirror so cool with the sparkly cracked glass effect on the bottom? At £28 it's quite pricy for a vanity mirror though but I can't help but love it!
Another item I purchased yesterday was this pretty little Lace Metal Tumblr for £8, to put our toothbrushes and toothpaste in on the side of the sink. Perfect. 

Those are my picks from Next's homeware department, they have such a fabulous selection I'm constantly eyeing up other bits and pieces to add to my ever growing 'Home Ideas' folder in my favourites! 

What colours would you have to decorate your home?


  1. I love the cream and pastel colour scheme, that's how my bedroom is just now! Next has gorgeous home stuff, every time I look I want to buy everything in sight xx


  2. Aww that's so exciting! Everything you've picked out looks great.
    I love looking at home sections when I'm out shopping!


  3. I love the chalkboard, it's adorable x

  4. All of these are absolutely gorgeous, I really love the lamp and mirror. my colours are similar in my room at the moment- cream and gold but I have accents of turquoise. When I next move out it will hopefully be with a boy (I can dream haha) and would love to decorate but would be scared I'll make it too girly! xx


  5. So jealous you're getting your own place - I'm always making wishlists! Sounds like its going to be really nice! xxx


  6. Ooh, since my boy and I are going to move in together very soon, this post inspires me on what to incorporate in our new apartment! Great job =)

    - Che


  7. Love this post, makes me all the more excited for moving out myself :)


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