Graduation Inspiration with Stylight.co.uk

I was recently contacted by Alex from Stylight regarding a competition that they're currently running to win 200 Euros worth of ASOS vouchers (I would presume they'd convert it into pounds if a Blogger from the UK won). I'd not previously heard of Stylight and am so glad that Alex got in contact me because this website is fantastic. 

You've heard me mention enough times already to know that I'm a compulsive list maker, namely wish lists of beauty products and bits and pieces of clothing and accessories that I really want to wear (but probably don't need...). Stylight is a fab platform to make those wish lists come to life through the mediums of music, film, photographs and text in the form of a 'board'. You simply search through the categories of products Stylight have to offer, or you can add your own, and voila, you've got a wish list that's come to life with the actual products, prices and links to sites to buy it from. What could be easier and more fun than that? 

I was tasked to create a board, and I thought I'd put my thinking cap on and create some inspiration for the kind of look I'd like to wear for my graduation from Durham in June. I'll be wearing the standard black robes, with a hood of (faux) white fur and purple so I want something that will be comfortable, stylish and most of all not clash with my hood. And yes, Stylight has helped me find the perfect style of outfit. 

I found creating my board very simple and fun to make. You simply pick out an item, hover over it and click the '+' to add it to a certain board and then return to your board for some jiggery pokery and hey presto, you've got yourself a professional looking screen of inspiration to work from. I absolutely love that Stylight enables you to envision a certain item as a complete look, for example here my main focus if the gorgeous dress I discovered from a company called TFNC, and then the accessories and jewellery I've chosen have been put there to enhance the overall look. I can almost imagine how it'd look on me, and that visual is really great to work from if you're having trouble finding what to wear for an important event. The pieces that I've picked here would look fab for my graduation!

So I'd definitely recommend having a look around the website, you might discover some brands that you've never heard of but love straight away - like I did with ME & ZENA, a fabulous jewellery company that have had me pouring over their website making yet another wish list! 

How do you envision a full outfit? Are you a mood/inspiration board fan like I am?


  1. Oh god I graduate from Northumbria in July and I'm so scared I'm going to fall! XD
    Not looking forward to it at all. Good luck with yours! x

    1. Aww you'll be fine! Wishing you lots of luck!


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