Holographic Nails // Topshop's 'Moondance'

Am I a bit late to the holographic nails party? I'm not sure...but if you're like me and only just loving holographic nail art you're welcome to join mine!

I spied this beautiful colour on a recent Topshop visit and had to purchase. For £6 I think you get a fabulous, unique colour. I prefer two coats of polish but it honestly looks great with only one (if applied well), two coats adds more depth to the colour in my opinion. I also absolutely love how shimmery this is on the nails when the colours catch the light and change, yet it doesn't have the texture of glitter and so isn't a pain to remove. It reminds me of the holographic foil we used to play with in art :) 

For something simple and a bit different I think holographic nails are a fab way to jazz up an outfit (or in my case, a lazy day around the house trying to write an essay). 

Are you a holographic fan? What's your favourite nail art at the moment?


  1. This is such a pretty shade :) I haven't even tried a holographic polish, so I'm very late to the party haha! xx


  2. I kind of love it! You're a little younger, but you might remember that being the big thing in the 90's. I just remember it being on "Sabrina The Teenaged Witch", don't know if you had that in The UK, but trust me she definitely wore it.

    Little Red Umbrellas

  3. Hi Louise,

    I have tagged you in the Beauty Blogger TAG.

    My version is here:


    Rebecca x

  4. Love it :) it's never too late to get on the holographic bandwagon when its so cool!

    Sally x

  5. Love it great colour


  6. This is going on my payday wishlist, LOVE it!

    LiviaLoves x


  7. great post! mind to check out my blog? maybe we can follow each other :)



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