Bodyshop Chocomania

If you're like me then you'll love a good bar of chocolate. And if you're like me you'll feel guilty for eating said bar of chocolate and probably look at yourself in the mirror in disgust. However I believe I have found the solution...THIS:

Mmmm...doesn't each product look good enough to eat?! (Please refrain from doing so, you won't feel very well!)

I bought miniatures of the products available from the Body Shop. The body lotion, shower cream and lip balm were on a 3 for 2 offer with the miniature scrub coming in at £5. I wasn't going to buy the scrub but the woman said that it was part of the 3 for 2 when it wasn't so I ended up with some hoo-hah at the till but decided against putting the scrub back. I mean look at the consistency of the scrub:

Doesn't it look just like that Betty Crocker chocolate fudge style butter icing you can buy ready made in a tub?! I literally want to dive right in and smell divine.

Speaking of smell, one would expect a strong, perhaps sickly artificial chocolate smell from these products (what with past chocolate toiletry experiences) but there is a simply delicious aroma of chocolate cake that wafts from these tubs and bottles.

My favourite product so far has to be the lip balm. It smells lush, and sits lovely on the lip, highly recommend! The body lotion is creamy and very hydrating and of course it smells lovely on the skin once you're rubbed it in. I haven't used the scrub or the shower gel yet but I am sure that when I do so I will experience the same yummy and wonderful results like I have with the lip balm and body lotion. Let's just say that cocoa butter really doesn't match up!

I receive a golden ticket style envelope with my purchases and was happy to see that I won a 50% off any product with free delivery from their website which I definitely will be using.

Find the Body Shop website's Chocomania selection here.

What do you reckon? Fancy adding a little chocolate to your shower?

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  1. Oh my gosh these look/sound amazing. I am the biggest chocoholic going so these products are made for me! Need to visit my local Body Shop soon though i might end up licking the lip balm of my lips haha :) xx


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