Quick Update

I am being naughty here and doing a quick update post from the university library because I am knee deep in essays, a mini dissertation and manager's work so busy busy busy!
But anyway:

  • My idea of a frugal Feb has not been totally awash. I treated myself (naughtily!) to only 2 shops thus far, I picked up a Clinique Chubby Stick, Hervana and some Body Shop Chocomania bits and pieces. There's still over 10 days of feb to go though but I feel that I can justify my spends with,
  • eBay! Now I only caught on to ebaying last week. I've been a member of eBay since 09 I think it says but never actually had any success with anything. However, in just over a week my paypal balance has reached £150+ so I'm kicking myself as to why I didn't eBay sooner!
  • Macs released the name of our Olympic hotel in London to us the other day on out Olympic Champion secret Facebook page. I am very excited that I'm part of the select few going to work in the Olympic stores :) Full update and posts to follow! 
  • There's only 24 days until my 21st birthday :) 
  • And only 21 days until I can see J again. 
  • Which reminds me that he got me the most amazing Vday card and cute little pressie. <3 him!
Anyhoo, I have 4 essays totalling 9000 words which unfortunately won't write themselves :(

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