My GlossyBox February 2012

Hello lovely people! Here I am taking a quick break from essay writing to bring you my February GlossyBox and I have to say I am impressed. I have every faith in GlossyBox, I have loved every single box from them and while I do get product envy from other people's boxes I am definitely usually fairly happy with the products I receive. However, I really wish they would use the beauty profiles that we filled in, it really would help us get products tailored to our needs!

I love the concept of this box, I knew it that LFW was upon us, but it was a nice surprise to see that GlossyBox had sort of aligned the concept of the samples with the idea of getting all prepped for fashion week and that there was something in the box for every part of your body, hair, nails, body, lips, eyes etc.

 Of course the packaging never fails to disappoint. I really loved the hot pink Valentine's themed box, but these baby pink pastel boxes never cease to not impress me. I was loving the fact that the Glossy logo is printed on the inside of my box this month, including in the lid, something that I've not had before.

I do think though, what with this being my 7th or so box (I've lost count) that perhaps they should offer an eco friendly packaging like Boux Avenue do where you can choose to receive the pretty ribbon, tissue paper and box combo or just have your purchases placed in the outer box and spare a few trees. My boxes will probably end up in the recycling bag soon enough, I have more storage that is really necessary! 

So here are the contents of my box this month. I love, love, love the nails. I am such a fan of animal print it's unreal so to receive these made me smile so much and I now know how to do my nails when I go out for my 21st in 3 weeks or so. The company I work for does not allow nail polish or falsies of any kind so to try them out and then rip them off would be a waste so I am going to have to wait - boo!
The lipgloss is a pretty nude colour, and the eyeshadow is the shade 'her majesty' which I am eager to try out on my lids. Loose pigment kind of scares me in terms of application but I shall give it a go!
The Coco Shambala shower gel is an interesting smell. I don't know if I would have really chosen to put lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and geranium in a pot and blend them altogether but it's always handy to have teeny shower gels for when I stay with the bf, or go to the swimming baths.
Last but not least the styling cream smells amazing :) I'm not really that much into hair styling my own locks however, a casual undo or side sweep is about all I can manage but I might give this a go too.

So all in all I have seen/read mixed reactions to this box, mostly due to the disparity in the combined pricing for the samples. But I guess it's really just luck of the draw with what people receive and until they begin to use our beauty profiles, GlossyBox will just keep sending out each sample to a random selection of people. I've had nothing but good experiences with GlossyBox and am definitely excited for this 'expect the unexpected' mystery box!

Did you love your box this month? What did you get?


  1. Thanks for a great review!

    Also, I just thought I'd let you all know I'm giving away a Clarisonic Mia on my blog! I'd love it if you could check it out on my blog. You can gain up to 10 entries! Here’s a link xx

    1. Thank-you :)
      I will be sure to take a look at your giveaway x

  2. Great post, I received the same however a diff nail design. I'm pleased with mines. New follower, hopefully you can follow me back soon.


    1. Oo which nails did you get?
      Thank-you for following, I shall check your blog out now :) x

  3. what is the expect the unexpected ?

    1. We don't know yet, it's to keep you in suspense/interested I think! x


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