If I Were a Rich Girl #5

How adorably gorgeous is this bikini!! Now just let me lose a million pounds and it will be mine! It would definitely be perfect for my trip to Disneyworld and I can't imagine New Look would break the bank balance either.

I don't need a nightlight, I am perfectly fine in the dark but there's something about thigns with rabbits on, or indeed rabbit shaped things that I feel I need to have in my life and this cute little guy is no exception. At £4.95 from the dotcomgiftshop he's hardly bank breaking either...all I need to do is make room for him on my bedside table...!

Oh how the blogosphere has raved on about this nifty device recently and I can't help but fall on to the band wagon and want a Clarisonic Mia too, in pink, of course.

Dermablend cover-up is something I found out about when I watched their advert featuring Zombie boy, you know the bloke that's got a full body suit of tattoos and was in that Lady Gaga video? Again it would be perfect for my holiday because I plan to be bearing all by the pool and there's various marks on my body that need hiding.

Dear old Nicki, OPI churn out these colaborations at a rate of knots don't they?! Having recently found a love for mini polishes rather than big ones (who really uses a whole bottle?) I simply need to add these 4 polishes to my mini OPI collection. So far I have Fresh Stems and Pirates of the Carribbean.

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