Essays and Updates

It's Monday afternoon and I'm here in Durham's Slug and Lettuce waiting for a friend to arrive at 6pm so we can have half price food, 2 4 1 half price cocktails and swan off to use our student ID for discount tickets to see The Woman in Black. Who doesn't love a bargainous dreary wet Monday?!

Little update time:

  • As you can see from the picture above I am currently in the throws of essay writing, but, best of all, I am now on the home stretch. Each essay this year accounts for 50% of my final grade for this year and will go towards my degree classification. I am, of course, wishing strongly for a 1st, but a 2:1 would suit me fine if I receive it. 
  • Last week I wrote 6000 out of 9000 words of combined essays. I now have 2,400 to go, well over half way :) 
  • It's exactly 2 weeks until my 21st birthday. I treat my birthday like my day, it's the one day of the year where people come out of the woodwork on Facebook to say hello, and to be honest I like it when people regain contact. And of course it's a big birthday, being 21, key in the door and all that jazz, so I am celebrating with a 4 day party. Outfits, face and present pictures to follow accordingly! 
  • I wore my new uniform to work yesterday and it was surprisingly nice. I felt like I was actually going to a real job, and I absolutely love the fact that I can now wear a skirt. Goodbye trousers! 
  • Absolutely loving the new Nicki Minaj song :) Cannot wait for her album to come out in April. 
  • Also bought my first MAC lipstick the other day. It's from eBay and I paid a measly £6.05 for it, so I have no idea if it's genuine, but hey (post to follow).
  • Also got to Shu Uemura eyelash curlers from buyapowa this week too. Lovely 3 parcels from Royal Mail this morning to wake up to :) 
So yes, not much to report to the blogosphere for last week. I should take pictures more often. I like reading/looking at people's posts of their weeks in photos. 

What have you been up to?

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