Hawaiian Tropic Coconut Body Lotion

This Hawaiian Tropic body butter is gorgeous. I really cannot fault it. Some people may find the sickly coconut scent a bit off putting but it really reminds me of being on holiday and I think it's lovely. The butter itself is really thick and creamy and a little goes a long way, but if you're like me you'll just want to lather it on and let it soak in. I always have dry skin on my legs in the winter. This is pretty much down to the fact that I wear leggings and tights all year round (no, I don't own a pair of trousers, can you believe it!?) and consequently I need a rich moisturising body lotion/butter to keep my pins prepped for sunnier climes.

I know that Boots stock Hawaiian Tropic, but it seems to be a seasonal thing. I do believe they're stocking up on sun lotion and the like at the moment however, a little early? Or purely for those who can afford such winter sun luxuries?! I have checked the Boots website and the Lime Colada (I have this one too, if you want pics/review please let me know) sister butter to this one is about £10.49. A little pricey for a body butter, hey?! I got my body butter in a store called Home Bargains which does the most amazing beauty discount deals. I don't know if the stores are exclusively North East but they do have a website here. I think I paid about £3 for my coconut tub, and I can smell it on my legs right now, yummy!

In other minor news - I've listed some things on ebay, clothes and the like, for the first time to have a little try in selling. I have a few different items, mainly clothes in sizes 14/16 so please come and have a look, here.


  1. I love this body butter. Keep hearing how great home bargains is but I've never seen a store anywhere in London?

  2. I love the smell of this stuff it's so nice!! Great Post xxx<3


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