MUA Shade 5

MUA are a company that I have espied in Superdrug for some time and only really bought the odd eyeshadow. When you're looking at makeup products for £1 or £2 it can be hard to trust the brand on the face of it - i.e what's the catch for making things so cheap? I haven't yet found the catch with MUA because so far I have loved each product I have bought/received from them. I say received because my BF bought me the Heaven and Earth Palette for Christmas, but the rest I have purchased with my own money.

Despite my local Superdrug being quite large their MUA stand only really extends to a few single round eyeshadows and the glitter eyeliners, so with the recent addition of Swizzels Love Hearts to the packaging for a few limited edition items I decided to peruse their own website and placed an order.

This nail polish is one of the items I bought, retailing at just £1 and unimaginatively named, 'Shade 5'. I was after a jade green polish to add to my collection and thought I'd break out from just MUA's eyeshadow  to experience their other products.

As you can see on my nails it takes quite a few layers to build up the colour and it's still not exactly how I would want to wear it. The finish is quite shiny so that's a bonus but it does take quite a few layers to even get it to this point. This is probably down to the fact that the consistency of the polish is quite runny, a lot comes off the brush and plops onto your nail and then you have to smooth it out to avoid lines.

The colour itself is nice,  I'd describe it as a dull shade of jade green and although the colour does take an age to build up I cannot really fault the polish other than that.

Have you tried any of the MUA products? What did you think?

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