Disney's Vinylmation

Anyone who is anyone knows that I am a completely Disney obsessed and am stuck purely inside the mindset of my pre teen self when I was convinced that I was a beautiful princess destined for greater things. Naturally I believe that every girl should feel like a princess, and Disney stories and merchandise just make things a little more real.
For the more grown-up kid Disney introduced the concept of 'Vinylmation' characters to the world circa 2008. They're a range of 1.5", 3"or 9" figurines and pin badge collectables, shaped like mickey mouse, but each design is unique and different. The collectables come out in different series, from the Cutestars series, to The Lion King, Star Wars and Urban series. Each series contains approximately 12 characters to collect with a mystery character called a 'chaser'. Part of the whole fun idea about Vinylmations is that you never know which character design you're going to get in your box. As you can see in the pictures above the packaging is completely non-transparent, you only know what you're getting once you rip off the lid of the box and wrestle with the foil.  I got the cactus inspired design from the Urban#6 series not too long ago on a trip to the Metrocentre and I really wish I had bought more than one :( But I think at £8.00 a pop these little collectables are quite an expensive hobby. I absolutely love these characters and really wish the UK received more in the Disney store for us to play with. Vinylmations are quite widely available on ebay, be prepared for bidding to be quite fierce, as I say the UK doesn't have the access to these that the US does. I just can't wait for Florida...only 7 months and 1 days to go!

What do you think of Vinylmation characters? Tell me about your Disney obsessions, what's your favourite film etc, I'd love to hear about it all!

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