Illamasqua Intense Lip Colour 'Boost'

I recently took Illamasqua up on their pop up offer of 20% off and free delivery. This was my first time shopping with the brand and it really didn't disappoint!

As I am currently on my quest for finding perfect lip products I decided to purchase this gorgeous lip gloss, an Intense Lipgloss in the colour 'Boost' which is described as a blueberry violet colour. It's completely unlike any other lip colour I own, and if I am honest, I was a little unsure why I was buying such a daring product. However I absolutely love it. It's not a bright purple as I had imagined and it looks lovely teamed with a slick of liquid black eyeliner and loads of mascara.

Boost is available for £14 on the Illamasqua website and at their stores.

Would you dare to wear crazy lip colour? I know I didn't think I would!


  1. lovely colour but i wouldn't be able to pull it off as i'm not sure how i'd style it!


    1. I thought that too, but honestly it's so gorgeous once it's on the lips!

  2. this is a stunning colour! bet it looks amzing on :)
    Hareem x

  3. Wow thats lovely and striking! I love llamasque products but I don't think I'd be bold enough to wear this. Looks great on you though!



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