I Had My First Ever Lush Bath...and It Was Lush!

I've only really just discovered Lush. Go on, slap my wrists if you must. For some reason I have only ever really admired it from afar in the past, perhaps it was the daunting prospect of entering a shop where the sales assistants were nothing short of superhuman for being able to stand the smell all day. And then, once, when I was last at home, I walked right into the Lush in Drakes Circus and didn't keel over...I too succumbed to the smell, and I am, I must admit, so happy that it enticed me in.

I'm not really sure why I purchased the products that I did. Apart from this Candy Mountain bubble bar for £2.45 I also picked up a 250g bottle of the iconic Christmas limited showergel, Snowfairy (£6.25) and a Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment bath melt for £3.85. I think it has something to do with the intoxicating scent of sweets, or sugar. Or the fact that I chose the girliest, pinkest products the shop had to offer. I can't even say that I was a sucker for the packaging considering all the products are visibly on display and are packaged in separate little paper bags by your own fair hands. Lush make you work for your loot!
Lush's Candy Mountain bubble bar is an adorable pink and green swirly mountain released as part of their Christmas collection. Lush say, 'When the mountains of candy get too much, retreat to the mountains of candy foam'.

I wasn't really sure what this product would do. I've seen other Lush products that erupt in your bath and have sparkly stars inside and other's that create mountains of bubbles. I secretly hoped that this one would erupt, but it just fizzed under the water. I then ran it under the tap and it made some excellent bubbles - not exactly what I was expecting, but then again remember that I picked my products based on their colours and their smell and not what they did in the tub. On that note, this smells delightful, all sugary and sweet and perfectly sickly but not ridiculously overpowering. It's supposed to smell of vanilla and candy floss, and I think it manages that quite nicely.

So my first ever Lush bath was nice, it felt like I was lying in a mixture of bubbly delights and the amazing smell of being wrapped in sweets :-)

Do you have a favourite Lush product that I should check out?


  1. Glad you enjoyed your first Lush experience!

    Just to let you know, Candy Mountain is a bubble bar. You crumble it in the bath as you are running it and it creates lots of lovely bubbles! You could probably get 2-3 baths out of this one, depending on how bubbly you wanted it. The bath ballistics are the ones that you pop in the bath and watch them do crazy fizzing and popping things! xx


    1. Oh brilliant, thank-you for letting me know!
      I'll have to ask the sales people instead of pretending to know what I'm doing in future :-)
      Louise xx


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