Nivea Lipbutters

Here on Confetti Letters it's a truth universally acknowledged that I am obsessed with the smell of a product. Put simply, if it doesn't smell nice, I don't want to use it. Two delightfully smelling tubs of lip balmy goodness fell into my hands in Superdrug a while ago and I simply must share them with you.

Available in 3 'flavours', Caramel Cream, Raspberry Rose, and Original these tiny tins will only set you back £1.25 a piece - bargain!

2012 saw an explosion in buttery lip products, from the much anticipated Revlon lipbutters, to the L'Oreal Caresse lipsticks, women everywhere just can't get enough of the delightful feeling of applying the softest formulas to their lips, and I am right there in the middle of them. Nivea have really hit the nail on the head with these tins of goodness. The lip butters are simply lovely, they're nourishing, smell gorgeous and leave your lips feeling super soft, 10/10 in my eyes!

Do you have a favourite lip balm?


  1. My favourite lip balm is lush's none of your beeswax because it smells incredible and it is a really good lip balm!
    It almost smells like a terry's chocolate orange! :)

    http://velvet-ghost.blogspot.co.uk/ ♥

    1. Ooo that does sound delightful. I do love a good Lush product so I'll hunt that one out next time I'm in there :-) xx

  2. Ooo they look really nice! I have such dry lips all the time will need to check these out X

    1. They're so yummy and feel amazing on your lips!


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