Inspiration For The Weekend

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I found this last night in the middle of a negative patch sometime during the early evening. It got me thinking about the past and I ended up reevaluating my relationship with certain people in my life. (Being on your own during one of these moments really gets you thinking, sometimes not in a good way!).

I don't know about you, but I am constantly looking for ways to better myself, in my eyes I can never achieve the highest bar of perfection until I fulfill some personal goals, like a bucket list for myself that needs to be crossed off constantly. I know that this hinders me, but they're thoughts I've struggled with for years. Old habits dies hard, in their place new ones form.

I like this saying, it inspires me to take today and make it work for me, to know that I can better myself in a number of situations. So, during my patch of negativity last night I created 5 things I would like to achieve this weekend:
  1. Actually enjoy going to work on Saturday, it's only 5 hours, and feel the achievement at the end of the shift when my legs are aching and I've spent the time interacting with my colleagues. 
  2. Wish a random stranger a nice weekend, to their face.
  3. Rearrange the little bits of clutter on my desk - in my opinion a tidy room = a tidy mind.
  4. Take a recipe from my cookbook and make it, including trying a new food.
  5. Find the motivation and willpower to sit down and and finish my essay. With one out of the way I'm sure the other 5 I have to write before December 7th will fall into place. 
Baby steps to change, are just the first move towards a better, wholesome, healthier future. 

Have a fabulous weekend <3 

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