October Empties

Apologies for the poor quality picture, I think my Nikon is poorly! 

I decided that this month I really should be having a clear out and begin using up products that have been sitting around in my room for a while. I say this because Student Finance have been incredibly rude with my money and I am now on a spending ban :'(

1) Simple is a brand that I always want to love but constantly find myself never doing so. I like their products, yes, but loving them and wanting to repurchase time and time again is a different matter. I think it's got something to do with the smell of their lotions, or, rather, lack thereof as their products are advertised as being fragrance free. This face scrub did the job, but I won't be buying it again.

2) L'Oreal Superliner for blue eyes. I absolutely love this eyeliner, it's a mixture of black and blue tones and is supposed to make your eye colour pop (They also do a green and a brown version). I'm not too sold on the eye pop of colour but the ease of application of this liner is superb for a liquid. The brush (or is it a nib?) is super flexible and doesn't drag across the skin, 10/10 in my eyes! I will be repurchasing sometime in the future once I've used up my other liquid liners.

3) Sure deodorant was on offer in Tesco for £1 when I bought it and I really struggled to make myself use it up. I hated the smell, and hated the fact that it left a fine white dust in my armpits even more. Definitely not buying this one again.

4) Benefit's Total Moisture cream is a God send for my super dry face. I bought this little pot in the £10 'try-me' style kit they have of all of their skincare items. I absolutely loved the smell of this and it's wonderful quality as a moisturiser. What I don't like is the £26.50 price tag for the full sized version. Definitely tempted to pick up another kit for a tenner though - I love Benefit skin care!

5) Clairol's Colourseal Gloss was something I picked up on a whim for 98p in Boots the day after my housemate dyed my hair for me. I really liked using it, but clearly didn't read the instructions as it states it's a weekly treatment to lock in colour for chemically treated hair, and I used it in three consecutive showers - oops. It's lovely though, and if I was not turning amber soon then I would definitely buy it again and use it properly!

As you can tell, I have a fascination with the smell of a product. If it doesn't smell good, I don't want to use it!


  1. i cant survive without this face scrub either - its so good!x x

    1. I wish I was more in love with it, Simple have such good products for a great price. I just don't like the 'fragrance free' smell haha! xx

  2. I think you got great products here. What caught my attention was the superliner. I usually prefer eyeliners with mixture of blue and black. I think I am gonna try this one out.

    1. Definitely do, it's an amazing eyeliner. I just bought a similar one from Maxfactor!


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