Maybelline 'Fit Me'

Foundation is one of those tricky makeup items that everyone always buys but never completely uses up. I am incredibly guilty of foundation over-buying. I think this bottle from Maybelline's new Fit Me range joins my foundation army as the 6th bottle (shocking!). I am not the most brand loyal of people when it comes to trying out cosmetics, I don't think any of us that writes a blog can say that this is true because then wouldn't we all be writing about the same old things, and that would be boring?!

Maybelline's Fit Me does come out and triumph over some of my other beloved brands however. It's a range of 18 shades of foundations, powders and concealers, all with numbers that correspond to skin tone and shade. In store there's a chart that can help you pick the right products for you, and once you've found your bottle number you match that to a concealer and powder. (I bought the concealer after I snapped these pictures, but I bought it to complete the set!) Simples.

I was pleasantly surprised when I swatched Fit Me in Superdrug, and snapped up a bottle straightaway. For £7.99 you're getting a gel like foundation that contains no waxes or fillers, doesn't clog up your pores, and more importantly, lets your skin breathe. The coverage is full and build-able, and I was extremely happy to see that by the end of my day I was not patchy, nor had it rubbed off my face. In fact I cannot praise Maybelline enough for this product!

I did buy a shade darker than is my actual colour as this is what I normally go for, however shade 120 is a little bit too dark to wear without a tan, so I went back and bought a lighter 115 to mix the two together. It blends superbly (I use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for application) and when teamed with the powder on top I honestly feel perfectly flawless.

10/10 for Maybelline here...I'm just going to pop off and put my face on now...!

Have you tried Maybelline's Fit Me range?
What's your favourite foundation?


  1. I'm still waiting for my samples to comeee boo hooo :( xx

    1. Boo! I missed out on the samples, but am definitely glad I purchase the bottle though!


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