The Kardashians Have Come To Britain! My Picks Of The Kollection.

Image taken from the Dorothy Perkins website.
Love them or loathe them, you just cannot fault the Kardashian sisters on their work ethic. No-one is 100% sure how the beautiful trio burst onto the American reality scene (was it that sex tape, Kim? Or Kris Jenner's momager' attitude - she's previously been accused of exploiting her children) but you just can't escape the Kardashian empire - and I for one, am completely in awe of them (I mean they have their own language...and everything that can possible begin with a K does so, how is that not kool).

An avid Kim fanatic, I was undoubtably super excited when the announcement was made the that Kardashian Kollection, previously only available at Sears in the United States, would be collaborating with Dorothy Perkins to bring us UK Dolls their fabulous style and glamour. I do know that the Kardashians are a bit of a Marmite scenario, I have friends who are just as obsessed as I am, family who loathe me putting on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and a boyfriend, who, well, I'm sure would absolutely love it if I could super impose Kim's body onto mine.

Shallow thoughts aside, my love for America's most hilarious TV family extends to feeling complete inspiration for their business drive and work ethic. I can't help but feel compelled to want to put on my thinking cap and become as successful as they are. They don't just sit around and wallow in their own riches, they have a get up and go attitude, and a passion for creativity that extends to their personal products from perfume, to the DASH boutiques across the states, to a more recent delve into the cosmetics industry with 'Khroma Beauty'. And now, finally, us British sisters across the pond have the chance to get our fashionable mitts on their clothing and accessories line! *Cue great big smiley happy face*.

Images taken from the Dorothy Perkins website
L-R: Lace bodycon black dress - £50.00, Black stud tote - £55.00, Black stud purse - £22.00, Leopard tee - £30.00, Lace trench coat - £75.

These are my picks from their Kollection. I absolutely love how true these items are to the sisters' actual style, I honestly think that all the pieces in the Kollection reflect the girls' personalities and love for fashion. There's a lot of animal print, feminine lace, sequins and monochrome colour which is entirely reflective on their own personal wardrobes. The prices aren't extortionate either, to be honest I thought they'd be a little more expensive but I like that the price range is accessible to the average fan and high street shopper. I am yet to experience the quality or the fit but I am hoping it'd be in keeping with Dorothy Perkins' own policies.

Available in sizes 8-16, the Kardashian Kollection can be found here.
Now I'm going to douse myself in Kim's fragrance, True Reflection and hope that Father Christmas is good to me this year...

Has anything from the Kollection caught your eye?
Are you a Kardashian lover or hater?


  1. I love that little black dress, it looks like it sucks you in in all the right places! I love the Kardashians, being that beautiful isn't normal, I swear!

    Jo xo

    1. Ahh do you own it? I can't find a DP near me yet that stocks the clothes, and I'm afraid that they'll all be gone by the time I get home from uni for Christmas!
      I am in love with them too, they're pretty much ethereal!


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